Gnarly Hearts: A Hospital Journal

Martin Springett, the musical and artistic maestro behind THE GARDENING CLUB, is currently in hospital awaiting heart bypass surgery. While awaiting the procedure, the ever-prolific and endlessly creative artist is making a comic book journal documenting his experience in a way only Martin can. We will be posting pages as Martin delivers them, so please enjoy and send your positive vibes his way.


InnerSpace Interview!


Space is the place for Martin Springett! Space Channel that is, and, more specifically, the most excellent program InnerSpace! Martin sits down with host Morgan Hoffman to discuss recent projects including THE GARDENING CLUB! Dig those vintage shots of the “Andromeda” video an get a sneak peek at THE GARDENING CLUB comic, which is coming soon!

News from The Potting Shed No 13.


A Series of Work in Progress Posts Straight from the Mind of Martin Springett

The last few weeks of creating this mad thing! Something hovers over the desert plain, flying in on The Gardener’s heels, looking for that elusive nurturing Dude, or Dudette, as the French foppishly say.