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A great review of the CD edition of “lost in time gem of an album” THE GARDENING CLUB! Remember if grooves and comics are your thing you can grab THE GARDENING CLUB package from ever lovin’ SPACE WRECK!

The Gardening Club Reviewed

A lovely review of THE GARDENING CLUB by fantasy author and educator Caitlin Sweet.

The Gardening Club bursts with passion and sorrow, quirk and groove, and proves that sometimes you can go home again. From the swirling suggestion of “Moon Mischief” to the ever-so-slightly off-kilter vibe of “Upside Down Blackbird”, this album is a moody, musical bit of time travel. Past and present meet here, in Springett’s voice and guitar, and in words about long-lost friends and the kind of yearning that never changes. Onward, to the future!” — Caitlin Sweet, author of The Pattern Scars, The Door in the Mountain and The Flame in the Maze among others

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