The Masterful Don Geppert


Happy Canada Day folks! It’s a perfect day to celebrate and listen to Canadian music. One such Canadian we’d like to celebrate is Don Geppert! Don was the original producer on THE GARDENING CLUB and the record was recorded at his Captain Audio studio (the logo was done by none other than Martin Springett!). Don was a member of the BC-based psychedelic garage band The Reign and has worked with a number of wonderful Canadian musicians including prog favourites STARCHILD on their “Children of the Stars” LP that was released on the legendary Axe Records.
Don has been a part of THE GARDENING CLUB since the beginning and was integral in its revitalization: he mastered the new six-song EP SONGS FROM THE GREENHOUSE and completely remastered the digital version of THE GARDENING CLUB. This digital version is a completely new experience and is a testament to Don’s incredible talent and work ethic.
Listen to Don’s incredible work on THE GARDENING CLUB here!

The Gardening Club Reviewed!

Check out this wonderfully thoughtful review of THE GARDENING CLUB project, which you can get your paws on here!
“The Gardening Club or What’s For Tea is a journey through a wonderful world of imagination. The images have a poetic quality wherein the reader is invited to interpret the story as it resonates with his or her own experiences. In wending one’s way through the pages of this boldly illustrated graphic novel one encounters delightfully whimsical musings rendered in colourful images and playful language. But there is also the deeper and perhaps darker mystery lurking just below the surface of things.
The Gardening Club’s Songs From the Potting Shed is a collections of 6 tunes each possessing a very distinct identity of its own; yet all are subtly connected through the accomplished authorship of Martin Springett. Springett’s work is like no one else’s. It seems with every composition he breaks new ground. The songs on this record are an excellent addition to his catalogue and, for the first time listener, the perfect introduction to an impressive body of work by a truly gifted singer/songwriter.”
— Terry Findlay  is a retired elementary school teacher, musician and software designer living in Victoria, BC



THE GARDENING CLUB –PRESALE–…/the-gardening-club-presale

This is it friends! A lost prog rock gem, The Gardening Club has been revitalized with a new release: a deluxe repackaged version of the original LP (and by original we mean it, each package comes from a stash of the long lost 1983 stock), an EP filled with previously unreleased songs and a brand new companion graphic novel filled with Springett’s signature lush, oneiric imagery, wonderful wordplay and decidedly English brand of the fantastic.

Moreover, this exclusive presale also features an original drawing by Springett with each package. That means, you get the original LP (which sells for $75 and more in collector’s circles), a six song EP of unreleased tracks, a 48-page graphic novel, and original drawing all for $50. This is prog package for music and art lovers that can’t be missed!

Packages will ship in late May!


The Gardening Club LP – Sealed since 1983!

Songs from the Greenhouse EP – Featuring six unreleased prog classics from the period!

The Gardening Club Graphic Novel – 48 pages and full colour that compliments the Martin Springett’s musical world!

Original Drawing by Martin Springett – Exclusive to the preorder this is a unique drawing just for you early adopters!

The Garden – A digital only musical gift to Space Wreckers from the mind of Martin Springett!

Digital copies of both the LP and EP – To take the Garden on the go!