The Gardening Club Reviewed!

Check out this wonderfully thoughtful review of THE GARDENING CLUB project, which you can get your paws on here!
“The Gardening Club or What’s For Tea is a journey through a wonderful world of imagination. The images have a poetic quality wherein the reader is invited to interpret the story as it resonates with his or her own experiences. In wending one’s way through the pages of this boldly illustrated graphic novel one encounters delightfully whimsical musings rendered in colourful images and playful language. But there is also the deeper and perhaps darker mystery lurking just below the surface of things.
The Gardening Club’s Songs From the Potting Shed is a collections of 6 tunes each possessing a very distinct identity of its own; yet all are subtly connected through the accomplished authorship of Martin Springett. Springett’s work is like no one else’s. It seems with every composition he breaks new ground. The songs on this record are an excellent addition to his catalogue and, for the first time listener, the perfect introduction to an impressive body of work by a truly gifted singer/songwriter.”
— Terry Findlay  is a retired elementary school teacher, musician and software designer living in Victoria, BC